Chris Komater

San Francisco artist Chris Komater photographs the large hairy male body, very close-up, and then assembles the multiple images into large abstract and semi-abstract arrays. His gaze is focused on men with body types that have been given little positive visibility in the mainstream or as artistic subject matter: hirsute, mature, differently-proportioned---lots of body hair and big bellies. His goal is to transform an intimate encounter into a graphic or aesthetic experience that brings us into a new relation to this body.



untitled (Cecile Brunner)

untitled (Cecile Brunner Rose), 2007, chromogenic development print, 30 x 30 inches (unframed)


Sepals, Petals, and

Sepals, Petals, Lip and Pouch, 2007, 4 framed chromogenic development prints
61 x 61 inches framed and installed



Sweetheart, 1999, 36 framed gelatin silver prints, 59 x 59 inches framed and installed


untitled 3

untitled (#3), 2000/6, 4 framed gelatin silver prints, 16 x 16 inches framed and installed