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The following conversation took place as a series of e-mail exchanges in September 2010.

Nina Zurier: I think of your work as being primarily about installation and material, somewhere between arte povera and conceptualism. Are these drawings something new to your way of working?

Daniel Turner: I have been drawing all along, as the drawings inform the material and vice versa. Neither the sculpture nor the drawing happens first, they both seem to coexist simultaneously. Behind ever piece lies a series of drawings that help me better understand the work in its relationship to architecture and scale. It's very rare that a drawing lives outside of a system or structure that either does or does not exist. 

NZ: The way you have drawn the structures reminds me of an out of focus photograph. I find it is much easier to see form and space if you don't get caught up in the surface and details. I can also appreciate the qualities of the charcoal drawing more. Do you ever do more strict, detailed renderings of work?

DT: Yes, but it's rare as I have little patience for tightly wound drawing. 

NZ: I wouldn't characterize your sculpture as "tightly wound" either. A lot of your materials are more or less "found" and then organized/placed within an environment. The materials are transformed by context and juxtaposition, but there isn't the sort of sly jokiness of a ready-made. It is much more serious, and there is another kind of representation of an idea or feeling or state. Where do you start? These drawings, as you said, are about figuring out scale and relationship to the site. What comes before the drawings? Is that what you referred to as a "system"?

DT: The works seem to evolve intuitively through experience with materials, landscapes, and environments - never the figure. It's a fine-tuned balance that I'm after. Once I find that balance I offset it to facilitate a counter-balance, and it's within this counter-balance that a work is born. I start with preliminary drawings as studies for materials and space. When speaking of a "system" I'm referring to a context, a framework, a set of beliefs or disbeliefs. The drawings act as a foundation to build upon. It's also the fastest way for me to engage a space. It enables me to fabricate materials and spaces that don't actually exist. The medium is forgiving, loose, and cheap. So for that reason drawing is very important to my work. 

NZ: In this group, I really love how you draw the space around the objects, making the space dark and leaving the objects very light, using the white of the paper. At first glance, they seem to be abstract rather than representational. Do you ever think of your sculpture in terms of abstraction?

DT: I tend to think of them as questions rather than answers. In the past I've used material such as soot, stains, temperatures and scents -- these are harder to pin down as significant matter. It's rather a starting point for a particular experience with a material that may lead to an abstract place. I'm interested in making you believe in a blemish-- though its up to you to participate.


b. 1983 Portsmouth VA
lives and works in New York NY

Selected Exhibitions

New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art (curated by Haley Mellin and Alex Gartenfield), Asbury Park, NJ (October)
Ve.Sch, Islands, (curated by Michael Rade), Vienna, Austria (forthcoming)
Jericho Ditch, Isle of Wight VA, (forthcoming) (solo)*
Abrons Art Center, (curated by K48), New York NY (forthcoming) (solo)*
Prime Time, (curated by Luke Barber Smith), Brooklyn NY (solo)*
Center 548, Other Spaces, (curated by Jayne Drost), New York NY
Recess Activities, Good Game, (curated by Elizabeth Lovero), New York NY (solo)
West Street Gallery, Over Before it Started, (curated by Matthew Moravec and Alex Gartenfeld), New York NY
Wall Space, Saturn Return, (curated by Elizabeth Lovero), New York NY
John Connelly Presents, (Selections from Untitled Television Show), New York NY*
Styx Project Space, In Voller Blüte, Berlin Germany (solo)
QVNOXW//, 86 Forsyth, (curated by Scott Keightley), New York NY
ORG Contemporary, Alpine Meadow, Detroit MI (solo)*
Untitled Television Show, (curated by Jeffrey Tranchell), New York NY, (solo)*
Brennan Courthouse, Vessel, (curated by Kenya Robinson), Jersey City NJ*

Queens Nails Projects, Exercises in seeing, (curated by Matthew Post), San Francisco CA
Jericho Ditch, Isle of Wight, VA (solo)
Preteen Gallery, Chicago vs Denver, Hermosillo Mexico (solo)*
Josef Schwarz, Cologne Germany (solo)*
Chashama, Possibilities, (curated by Rick Herron), New York  NY
Envoy Enterprises, Swan Dive Jack Knife, New York NY (solo)*
Photo Epicenter, (curated by Michelle Hyun), San Francisco CA  
The Union Gallery, Coast to Coast, New York NY (solo)*

Art Basel, courtesy of Gregory Lind Gallery, Miami FL
USSA Fine Arts, Brooklyn NY
The Stanton Chapter, New Work From The New Museum, New York NY (catalogue)
The Redemption Center, Rooftop Sculpture Show, Brooklyn NY
USSA Fine Arts, Dissolve Anything, (curated by Andrew Gunether and Brian Faucette), Brooklyn NY
580 Hayes, Tenacity, (curated by Madeline Behrens-Brigham), San Francisco CA
The Union Gallery, The Lustrous Relapse, New York NY (solo)
Boulevard es Brezsnyev Gallery, Debut/Rescue, Budapest Hungary (two person)

Art Basel, courtesy of Gregory Lind Gallery, Miami FL
Looming, Sequence Space, Brooklyn NY
Mills Pond Gallery, (curated by Amy Smith-Stewart), Staten Island NY
The Rawls Museum Of Art, Courtland VA

Gregory Lind Gallery, The Chimney Sweeps Dream, San Francisco CA (solo)
DZINE, San Francisco CA (solo)

Walter McBean Gallery, San Francisco CA
El Massacre, San Francisco CA

The Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco CA
Soma Gallery, Decent Work, San Francisco CA (solo)
The Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco CA
Studio Ten, Beam Of Tar, San Francisco CA (solo)
New Nothing Cinema, San Francisco CA

Yerba Buena Hall, San Francisco CA (solo)
The Rawls Museum Of Art, Courtland VA (solo)

The Queens Court Gallery, Portsmout\h VA (solo)
The Black Box Gallery, Norfolk VA
The Vanderbelt Gallery, Norfolk VA (two person)
Grounded Atmosphere, The Queens Court Gallery,  Portsmouth VA

The Chrysler Museum Of Art, Courtland VA
The Suffolk Museum Of Art, Suffolk VA
The Old Dominion University Gallery, Norfolk VA
The Rawls Museum Of Art, Courtland VA
James Wise Gallery, Annual group show, Norfolk VA
Old Dominion University Fine Arts Center, Norfolk VA (solo)

The Contemporary Art Center, Tribute To Jim Dine, Virginia Beach VA
The Suffolk Museum Of Art, Suffolk VA
The Hermitage Foundation Museum, Norfolk VA
Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News VA
James Wise Gallery, Annual group show, Norfolk VA

James Wise Gallery, Annual group show, Norfolk VA

Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts Fellowship Award, 2008-2009
Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts Fellowship Award, 2005-2006
Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts Fellowship Award, 2004-2005

Visiting Scholar, New York University, New York NY, 2009-2010
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace studio residency program, New York NY, 2009-2010

BFA The San Francisco Art Institute, CA

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* Collaboration with  JULES MARQUIS